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Spend a day on the river with us! July and August in Southcentral Alaska are prime-time for salmon fishing. We’re an Alaska Fish & Game registered guide service, with licensed guides that will get you on the salmon! We provide hip boots, your choice of spinning or fly fishing rod & reel and all the terminal tackle you’ll need to land your first or 50th Alaskan salmon. Depending on the time of year, and how the runs are shaping up, we’ll fish for either Sockeye (red) or Coho (silver) salmon in one of several choice rivers in Southcentral Alaska. Pinks (humpies) and Chum (dogs) are also common bycatch when we’re targeting Sockeye or Coho.


Your Alaska Adventures guide will pick you and your group up at your hotel at the arranged time the day of your fishing trip. We want to be on the river early to take advantage of fish that have moved in through the night.

When conditions allow, we’ll have a grill available to cook a fillet or two for an amazing fresh riverside snack.

Depending on how far from Anchorage we’re fishing, we’ll be on the river between 3 & 5 hours.  You can expect to be back at your hotel between 1 & 3pm.  

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trip Notes:

  • Purchasing your fishing license: State of Alaska fishing regulations require everyone over the age of 15 years old to have a sport fishing license. You’ll want to purchase a one-day non-resident sport fishing license for every angler over 15.  A King Salmon stamp is NOT necessary.  
  • A fishing license must be signed to be valid.  The most convenient way of doing this is by using the check box to DIGITALLY SIGN your license during the purchase process.
  • With flight schedule changes happening more and more frequently, we recommend waiting until you’re confident you’ll make it to Anchorage in time for your scheduled tour before you purchase your fishing license.
  • Because we fish several places over a wide geographic area, you’ll want to be prepared for varying weather conditions.
  • Dress in layers.  When the weather turns out a little different than forecast, the sun comes out, or wind picks up, the ability to adjust to the conditions can make your time at the river much more enjoyable.
  • Bring a small backpack or other means of carrying the few things you may want to keep available while we’re out; a hat, polarized sunglasses, water bottle and your preferred bug spray and sunscreen for example.
  • Bring your shades.  It can be surprisingly bright on the river, with the sun’s rays reflecting from every direction.  Polarized sunglasses will help you see fish through the glare of the water’s surface.  A hat with a bill can help keep the sun out of your eyes, and ease the eye strain from a long day watching the water.  Both hat and sunglasses are a strongly recommended safety precaution in case a salmon lets go of your lure and sends it back in your direction. 
  • We’ll have bottled water, bug spray and sunscreen in the van.  You’re welcome to bring your preferred variety. 
  • Feel free to give us a call if you have additional questions or concerns. 

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Salmon Fishing Trip FAQs

Salmon ‘runs’ in Alaskan rivers and streams are seasonal and dynamic. Seasons may vary considerably from year to year. Our salmon fishing season generally starts in mid-July and ends in mid-September.
As one of the only guides offering salmon fishing trips out of Anchorage, we don’t limit ourselves to one species or one river. We work hard to find salmon throughout the summer months, so we’ll target the fish that offers the best opportunity during your trip. Many variables and nuances are involved in salmon fishing, so we can’t say what variety we’ll target at a particular time. We’re happy to discuss this with you in detail if you’d like. Feel free to contact us for more information.
Alaska Adventure Guides offers walk-in salmon fishing trips only. Usually, we can drive to some of the best fishing spots near Anchorage and then take an easy walk to the water. We provide hip boots so you can wade into the water at the river’s edge to get you to where the fish are swimming.
We have fly rods available. We also have spinning gear (open-face reels), and baitcasting gear is available upon request. Spinning and fly fishing gear can sometimes be used, but generally, one is better suited to the location and conditions on a given day. Rest assured, though, that whatever gear you use, we’ll ensure you have the knowledge and understanding of how to make that gear work for you to have the best experience possible catching fish!
At the end of our day fishing, your guide(s) can fillet your catch and bag it in gallon freezer bags. Many of our local stores provide “fish boxes,” a Styrofoam cooler fit inside a cardboard box, to allow you to either ship “overnight” or take your fish with you as checked baggage if you’re flying out of Anchorage. There are third-party options for drop-off services that will process, vacuum seal, freeze, and ship your fish for a fee. Many of our guests’ plans don’t conveniently accommodate taking or shipping fish with them after our time fishing. In these cases, catch-and-release fishing is often the chosen method.
From July through September, salmon fishing can be excellent! If we had to choose only one time of the summer, though, our guides agree, it would be August for Coho (Silver) salmon. These fish will often readily and savagely take a fly or lure. They are generally larger than average, fight like the proverbial freight train, and are outstanding table fares!

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