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Detailed Description

Our dogsledding adventure will be a HIGHLIGHT of your Alaska vacation!  On this 6-hour excursion, we’ll travel to the town of Willow, about an hour and a half north of Anchorage.  You’ll have time to get geared up for your adventure with the dogs, and to meet the guides before we head up to the dog yard. 

Here, you’ll spend some time getting to know the dogs (and, more importantly, letting them get to know you), and we’ll be off for about an hour on the sled!  You’ll be with a guide during your ride, and guests can spend time riding and driving the sled!  You don’t want to leave Alaska without checking this one out!


Your guide will pick you and your group up at your hotel by 8am the day of your dogsled tour.

We’ll drive about an our and a half north of Anchorage, with a rest stop about half-way, lunch, coffee and other snacks are available for purchase at this stop.

We’ll arrive at kennel and check in by about 9:30am. After a few minutes meeting our guides and getting geared up, we’ll go up to get to know the dogs, then we’ll set out on dog sleds for about an hour of riding and driving the sleds (mushing). 

We’ll be out on dog sleds until about noon.  After leaving, we’ll have the option of another rest stop about half way back to Anchorage, where you can pick up more snacks, drinks, etc.  We normally arrive back in Anchorage about 2 to 2:30 pm.

Alaska Dogsledding Adventure Notes

  • Especially in Spring (April and May), melting snow can cause wet conditions across Southcentral Alaska.  Reasonably waterproof footwear is recommended. 
  • You can check the weather for the Willow area HERE.  
  • Dress in layers.  When the weather turns out a little different than forecast, the sun comes out, or wind picks up, the ability to adjust to the conditions can make your time outside much more enjoyable.
  • Bring your shades.  It can be surprisingly bright on the trail on sunny days, with the sun’s rays reflecting from seemingly every direction.
  • Our activity level for this trip is somewhat “moderate” and as such, is not recommended for guests with significant health concerns. Please talk with your guide in advance if this applies to you.  We want to help you get out on the trail if at all possible!
  • Feel free to call us if you have additional questions or concerns. 

Includes & Excludes

Dogsledding Tour FAQs

Depending on local snow conditions, the Dogsled tour is available from about mid-November to April.
Like all Alaska Adventure Guides’ tours, The Dogsled tour operates rain or shine, cold or not. On average, this trip is canceled about one day per year due to hazardous road conditions.
As with our tours, we can accommodate your private party. Please get in touch with us directly for pricing and availability.
Plan on being outside for about 2 hours. Temperatures can be slightly cooler than in Anchorage. We recommend dressing appropriately for the temperature in layers that can be added or removed as conditions change. The van always has room to bring a backpack with extra clothing.
Snowsuits and parkas, boots, gloves, and hats are available to supplement your winter gear as necessary.
While lunch is not provided at the cost of the tour, we will make a stop on the drive where you’ll have the opportunity to purchase anything you’d like to have to eat or drink throughout the day.

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