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  In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson authorized funds for the construction of the Alaska Railroad. Ship Creek Landing was selected as the headquarters of this effort. A “Tent City” sprang up in the wilderness at the mouth of Ship Creek, and soon swelled to a population of over 2,000. This “Tent City” became the city of Anchorage where we are based. There is so much more to this story, and we look forward to sharing with you.


In 2017, Tent City Tours was born of the efforts and dedication of two terrific people, Levi and Cathie Connally.  A few months after of the inception of Tent City Tours, Alaska Wildlife Adventures was created.  Within weeks of the birth of this duo of friendly competitors, the two new business owners sat down over a Bible and a hot cup of coffee and had a conversation that outlasted the coffee, and threatened to force a move to a new venue for the lunch hour.  Several agreements were made that morning; the first of which was that no business was worth the cost of the friendship that had been established between the two over the years.  Either one or both businesses would sooner go to selling squash at the Saturday market (or maybe one squash and the other radishes) than to let business come between them.  Over the past five or so years, these two businesses have grown to compliment one another.  In 2022, after the passing of our dear friend Levi, Tent City Tours and Alaska Wildlife Adventures have joined in partnership.  Our intention is to grow stronger, offer more, and take you even more places in the years to come.

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